TMA reduces system noise and improves uplink sensitivity in Telecom Network . In new Mobile networks, a TMA can reduce initial investment by simplifying site  requirements. This means faster roll-out and improved return on investment. We apply  some special feature for TMA such as gore-tex for water-proof, cross in/out put ports designed and compact size. These are for preventing the effect of condensation thereby guaranteeing long, reliable, maintenance service in all environmental condition. Recent trend of amplifier has been changed from single band equipment to dual or multi-band equipment.

All the specification could be modified or adjusted by customer’s requirement. And it is the most cost-effective solution for extending the coverage of existing base station.

12, 24 dbi options available
Available in Single & Dual Duplex type.
High Tx/Rx Cell Coverage.
Stronger signal, wider coverage.
Fewer call drops, increase talk time.
Higher base station receiver sensitivity.
High MTBF.
Low Tx loss.

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