Yagi Antennas are excellent choice when using any cell phone, booster or a FCT unit in poor signal areas &
also makes is ideal for remote locations.

An all metal-to-metal grounded construction prolongs the useful life of the antenna and improves reliability
and performance.

Salient Features
Broadband: For tuning-free installation
Lightweight: For quick and easy installation
Versatile: Ideal for point-to-point systems, spread spectrum applications selected area coverage and wireless local loop
Durable: Encapsulated, water-resistant feed assembly for outdoor application.
High Reliability

In-Building System

Part no. JAS-YAGI-11N (F)  
Frequency Rang 800MHz ~ 2200 MHz  
V.S.W.R  2:00:59  
Gain 11dBi  
Front to Back Ratio (F/B Ratio)
22 dB (nominal)  
E Plane 35 degree  
V plane 45 degree  
Feed power handling            10 Watts  
Input Impedance      50 Ohm (nominal)  
Connector SMA (As per your requirements)  
Cable RG58 with 1 meter (or more as per Requirement)  
No of elements 8+8  
Polarization Vertical or Horizontal  
Dimensions (l x w x h) 450 mm x 200 mm x 50 mm  
Weight 300gm (including bracket) - Antenna mounting clamps for 50mm dia pole.  

Ordering Information Table

Part No. Description      
JAS-YAGI-11N (F) Broad band (824MHz ~ 2170Mhz) Yagi antenna with 11dBi gain, Pigtail with N-Female connector.    
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